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otter-lakeMany of us today need a place we can go to to get away from the grind…and just relax! We don’t want a huge Cabin that is too costly to build, and even more costly to heat and cool… we just want an affordable small log cabin, that is warm , cozy, and helps us unwind near our favorite fishing hole or mountain getaway. This is where Little Bear Cabins excel!

Over 60 years ago when the “Modern Log Cabin” was introduced to our housing industry & culture… many just wanted to explore a simpler lifestyle and build a small but comfortable Log Cabin in the mountains or in the woods far from the grind of everyday life.

The last 30 years or so has shown that Pre-Built Cabins or Small Log Cabin Kits have remained the most popular among those of us that value this experience the most. While there are certainly those that have built many grand over-sized Log Homes, the trend has once again began to go back to the simple, relaxed atmosphere of a small, affordable, and cozy log cabin. People are once again embracing the cost effective & energy efficient Small Log Cabin. With an open floor plan design of even 650 to 1000 Sq. Ft. … small pre-built cabins can seem very spacious, and are often used as a suitable full -time home.

Visit: Pre-Built Cabins Pricing For more on our pricing and options.

With 32 years as Log Cabin Professionals we have built large and small log homes and weekend cabins, but in today’s frugal economy, most of us cannot afford a lavish lifestyle. Smaller floor plans offer all of the unique craftsmanship and charm of larger Log Cabins… but are less expensive to build and to maintain. We can provide you with the Log Cabin Shell, which can generally be re-assembled on your Sub-floor/Foundation in just a few days.

We have developed the Little Bear Cabins Log Shell Kits to create some of the most comfortable, yet small log cabins available.

Handcrafted Pine Log Cabin Shell kits Start at just $21 per sq. ft.

Milled D style Eastern Red Cedar Log Shell kits Start at just $15 per Sq. FT.

we can provide you with any size Pre-Built Cabin Kits as a Handcrafted Log Shell that you can finish yourself. We’ll ship it to you… or better yet we can install it on your site and you just take it from there. If you ever get stuck, and need some help… we are there for you with our free phone and email project consulting.

Our most popular option is a Eastern Red Cedar Log Cabin. Simply choose one of our Pre-Built Cabins Floor Plans , and then we can ship it within 6 to 8 weeks from your order date to your site. Cedar Log Cabin Shell Kits Start at just $15 per sq. ft.

To get more information on this and a free consultation In any case… Just Contact Us

the most cost effective way to build your dream log cabin is to start with a Little Bear Log Shell Kit from Pre-Built Cabins, and then finish your Small Log Cabin yourself.  Then you and your family will enjoy it for the rest of your lives!

Compare these Pre-Built Cabins and Log Cabin Kits to help you find what style of log cabin you like.


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