Small Log Cabins are certainly more popular today than ever before!  With many of us becoming much more frugal with our lifestyle choices… it is not affordable to build a larger log Home or weekend Cabin.   Recent studies are showing that while the American dream is still alive and well in America… most Americans are becoming more realistic with financial planning and retirement lifestyle choices.  While the dream of a Custom Log Cabin is still within reach for most of us… it just needs to be downsized a bit.  As a Log Home Pro I have seen many trends in my career, and would encourage everyone to consider building a Small Log Cabin to enjoy with your Family and Friends.

Here are some smaller Log Cabin House Plans to consider:


Floor Plans Under 2000 Sq. Ft.

Otter Lake Country Cabin Simplicity
otter Lake simplicity-tmb
Branson Creek Blue Ridge Sourdough Cabin
Bear Den Mark Twain
Country Home
Ridgeview 1
teddy-bear-tmb buttnrun-tmb

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More Log Cabin Plans

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