otter-lakeMany Americans today are quickly learning to become more frugal, and much smarter when it comes to lifestyle choices. Many extended family members are living together more often, and most are finding that larger palatial homes are just too costly to heat and cool… not to mention the rising construction costs for a custom home.

As a Log Home Builder for many years… I have begun to see a serious and increasing market trend for those wanting to build a small, sometimes very small log cabin, and very happy with that decision.


Why are Small Log Homes becoming so popular these days?

The answer is actually quite simple…. Freedom! What does “freedom” mean as it relates to living in a small log cabin? Well… just that many are discovering they actually enjoy the open, vaulted, environment of a smaller home and they are not as confined as they were in a smaller stick-frame home. Small Log Homes offer the natural charm of rustic wood, resembling a mountain or lake lodge that they have spent some of most treasured moments in … and they can enjoy this setting for life!

The lower cost of building a Small Log Home, as well as the lower cost to heat and cool their cabin, makes a perfect way to downsize without giving up your dream of log home ownership.

Why size are typical Small Log Homes?

We specialize in Small Log Homes of 1000 sq. ft. or less… at very affordable pricing. We can offer you one of our pre-built cabins and deliver a small log home shell kit to you in most cases under 8 weeks … ready to start finishing in just a few days after delivery. Add a basement or a loft and increase your living space while keeping your foot print smaller. Many folks live in Small Log Homes of under 500 sq. ft. on the main floor.

This is FREEDOM!… Just build your foundation or basement ahead of time and we will deliver it and set it down on your permanent foundation.  Pick out one of our floor plans or send us your idea of a floor plan… and we will simply build you a cost effective log cabin shell, and after we re-set it on your foundation sub-floor, you can begin to finish it yourself, and save a ton of money! Our shell packages start at just 21.oo per sq. ft.

Take a look at our selection of Floor Plans for Small Log Homes, and Contact Us to request a quote for your ideal small cabin.

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